My Experience with Pigeon Circovirus

The Ever Evolving Jacobin

Proper Chain Structure in a Jacobin

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Friends Through Jacobins

Feather Quality in Jacobins

How Big Should a Jacobin be

Wing Refinement

Hood and Top Feather

The Value of a Jacobin

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The Whip-in - A Touch of Class

Photographing Your Birds

The Future of our Fancy

Weaning Young Jacobins

Loft Blindness

Building a Pigeon Loft

Feather Length in Jacobins

Developing a Successful Family of Jacobins

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Tips for the Novice Jacobin Breeder

Where have all the Yellows Gone?

Master Breeder Award Program- Master Breeder points and award standings

Canadian Jacobin News

Refinement in Jacobins



Carriage in the Jacobin

Conditioning to Win

Plan Ahead for the Breeding Season 

Feather Quality in Jacobins 

The Importance of Shows

Caring For Your Jacobins in Cold Weather 

Fertility in Jacobins

My Memories of Dave Loewen

Preparing and Settling your Jacobins Down at a Show

Introduction to Jacobins

The Importance of a Flypen

A Bit of Robertson Jacobin History

Canadian Jacobin Breeder Dies

Keep or Cull

Use and Management of Foster Parents

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Disease and Pigeon Shows

The Importance of the Chain

Manes and Jacobins

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Importing and Exporting Pigeons

Photographing Your Birds

Thoughts on Splashes

Hood and Top Feather

A Health Program That Works For Me

There is No Substitute for Time