Wing Refinement in Jacobins

As Jacobin breeders we often get so focused on the obvious that we forget to take care of the small things that can make the difference when the competition gets tough. There are many of these little details that we could discuss and each deserves our attention. Wing line and wing refinement is one of these.

The standard calls for our Jacobins to be long and slender, stressing slimness, and thus we are looking for that streamlined effect in the body of our Jacobins to help give that elegant, upright, classy look. The size and shape of the wing can have a dramatic effect on the overall look of the body on these birds.

When we look at the Jacobin from the side the wing should have the same long slender look and should follow the contours of the body. The shoulder should be narrow and slender and should not protrude out in front of the body. Ideally we would like to see some of the Jacobin's body out in front of the wing when we look at the bird from the side. Also from the side the back of the wing should follow the slightly hollowed contour of the back and should not protrude out above the back which would break that sharp outline and streamlined effect. When the feathers of the wing break out above the back many breeders refer to this as "sails" and it is not something we desire.

When looking at the Jacobin's body directly from the front the wings should then appear to blend into the body and the plumage of the breast and belly should then nicely cover the wings so they are not visible from the front, or at least give a "knife edge" appearance, similar to what is desired in a Fantail.

Even though there are no points allowed directly for the wing, proper wing structure and placement goes a long way towards giving a good Jacobin the edge and creating that streamlined, slim look our standard calls for.