Jacobin Discussion Group-A Lifeline to the Fancy



Every once in a while something happens that makes an impact on our hobby. It may be a major show, a new club, a progressive new fancier but nothing I have seen has had such a dramatic and positive impact at the Jacobin Discussion group started by Claus Jensen of Denmark. In my 30 years in Jacobins nothing comes close to this. I have attended many shows and traveled thousands of miles and spent countless hours watching, learning and exchanging ideas with some of the best minds in the breed. But to have everyone come together at once to study every aspect of the breed 24/7 right in the comfort of our own homes no matter where you are in the world is something never before imaginable and what it has done for the breed and bringing fanciers closer together is monumental. The sight has helped given novice and seasoned breeders in coping and dealing with the specific challenges our breed offers. It has given insight and helped all of us to understand and relate to how other breeders , from all parts of the world see the breed and the fancy. With the touch of a button we can send and receive pictures that allow us to share what we are doing with others that have the same interests. It is strengthening friendships, building clubs, promoting shows, solving problems, discussing ideas, sharing management practices, publishing show results, analyzing the standard and thus allowing the breed to evolve quicker than ever before. The other wonderful part is that our members in the group have remained polite, kind, helpful, supportive and respectful right from the start which says a great deal about the class and quality of the people that share our breed. As a Jacobin fancier this group is a lifeline. For me personally it has helped me immensely. I cannot begin to imagine what the hobby would be like now without the friends I have made through the group. Thankyou Claus for what you started. Please join if you have not already. I am sure I can speak for all when I say we will welcome you to this new "Jacobin Family". To join the Jacobin discussion group go to http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/Jacobins/ .