Clint Robertson is a Cattle Rancher from Manitoba. Along with his wife Lynn and three sons, Justin, Max & Ty, they own and operate a cow/calf operation on the west central shore of Lake Manitoba, 120 miles North West of Winnipeg. Clint has been a breeder of pedigree Charolais Cattle and cattle judge for most of his life and along with his family has bred some of the highest quality Charolais cattle that have been very successful in both the feedlot and show ring. Clint's Father, Jack, was a pigeon fancier and first started Clint in Pigeons in 1976 and Clint has had them ever since. Jacobins became Clint's obsession in 1979 and since then he has developed line bred families in most colours that have been highly successful in the most competitive shows worldwide and are sought after around the world. Clint has judged many prestigious Jacobin shows in many parts of the world and has developed lasting friendships with many Jacobin enthusiasts. It is not uncommon for the Robertson family to have guests from Germany, Australia, Dubai, the U.S and many other countries visiting to look at the Jacobins and share the experience of home cooked meals prepared by Lynn and to just get a sense of the life they live in wide open country with big sky, fresh air and peaceful lifestyle.

Lynn has her own pigeons and is passionate about her racing Homers and likes to fly them almost every day. Clint's oldest son Justin is a Carpenter and electrician and has developed his own family of Bar Jacobins that are among the best you will find anywhere however Justin's greatest success has been with his Voorburg Shield Croppers that he has bred to a very high level of quality. Max is has almond Jacobins but his passion is his West of England Tumblers that he breeds in Red, Yellow, Black and Reduced. Ty has Helmets in Red and Yellow and is already having good success in the early development of his family of birds.

Pigeons are a huge part of the Robertson family and it is our hope that you will enjoy this web site and maybe learn from our experience and mistakes. It has always been difficult to find good information on pigeon keeping and on Jacobins in particular so maybe the information you will find here can be of interest and assistance and help lead to your success and more enjoyment in the hobby.

Biography of Clint Robertson